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Because indoor air quality is to be taken seriously!

Take advantage of our News section to keep informed on the latest developments in the field. Learn about preventive methods, and on how to proceed in order to avoid contamination. Read about the preferred procedures for asbestos and vermiculite removal, and also on treatments against fungal and mold contamination.

  • What are the most common places for the proliferation of mold?
  • What are the causes of contamination?
  • Which health issues are caused by certain cases of contamination?

Read our News section so that air quality no longer remains a mystery. Find out more!

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Drains français et étanchéisation de fondations (EN

French Drain

What is a French drain?

A French drain is an outdoor piping system, installed in order to create a drainage path for water that must essentially be disposed of at a safe distance from a building or a house.

In other words, a French drain acts as a protector against water seepage, and helps to control levels of indoor moisture and humidity.

Are you in need of a French drain?

The French drain is recommended for buildings located in wetlands, that is to say, land area saturated by water either permanently or seasonally.  

Water infiltration issues can lead to major complications such as: a persistent moisture; the formation of mold and of mineral efflorescence; and the formation of fissures, which are caused by water pressure applied on the foundations of the building.

If you have already proceeded with the installation of an outdoor French drain and water continues to seep in: an interior French drain might be your best option.

The installation of an interior drain involves the cutting of the concrete slab in order to proceed with the installation of a drainage system below the foundation walls, therefore collecting and distributing water away.

How to prevent common problems encountered with French drains?

In order to prevent common issues related to French drains, which are, clogging and flood damage, it is advisable to hire a professional to carry out an annual examination, and to proceed with the maintenance of your drain.

Ensure that your French drain is not cluttered with sediments and debris by working with a professional.

While most of the external French drains can operate for 30 to 40 years, it is substantial that you proceed with frequent examinations. To find out if your French drain is still in good condition, be on the lookout for foul odors and humidity levels inside your house or your building.

In case of an emergency, Fraka Décontamination strives to meet your needs as quickly as possible. Our team of experts work according to strict industry procedures.

Book an appointment for the annual maintenance of your French drain today!

Foundation waterproofing

What is foundation waterproofing?

The land surrounding your building naturally has high humidity due to snowmelt, to precipitation, or simply because your building is located near a flood zone.

Thus, it is important to ensure a proper sealing of your foundation in order to protect the walls against moisture.

Why you should proceed with foundation waterproofing

Several factors come to influence a building’s capacity to preserve dry foundations. Among them: the slopes of the land which can alter the flow of water, the depth of the foundations, as well as the quality of the concrete.

Waterproofing an existing foundation allows the long-term resistance of the concrete slab. The impervious membrane will prevent the eventual crumbling of the concrete, help to reduce moisture concentrations in the basement, and also contribute to avoiding other moisture-related problems, as well as future water seepage.

What is the process behind foundation waterproofing?

The installation of a waterproof membrane usually comes alongside with the installation of a drain system (French drain).

Once the bottom sides of the foundation are cleared out by means of excavation and after having located the flow of water: experts will proceed to the coating of the well-dried walls with a bituminous waterproofing substance. Once coated, a membrane will be installed and the excavation will be backfilled to its original state.

In case of an emergency, rely on our team of experts to assist you in waterproofing your foundations.

We strive to meet your needs as quickly as possible while submitting ourselves to the latest standards of the industry. Contact us!

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Équipe (EN)

A team concerned with your well-being  

Fraka Decontamination is a competent team composed of dynamic individuals. We are passionate about what we do, and our main goal is to support you while you regain your quality of life.  

Having a recognized expertise in decontamination (asbestos removal, vermiculite removal, treatment of fungal contamination (fungi) and mold due to water infiltration), our team provides you with tailor-made solutions, adapted to the reality of your needs.

Continuing education amongst our company

Our team of specialists receive ongoing training related to the handling of asbestos and vermiculite materials in open and closed environments, and related to mold extraction.

Each member of our team is qualified to carry out challenging decontamination work.

As decontamination techniques are constantly evolving, our team is not only continuously innovating, but also always working at broadening their skills and their knowledge on the field’s various methods. Why so? In order to provide you with the best options possible which will quickly restore your quality of life.

Advanced certifications

François Béliveau, founder of Fraka Decontamination, stands out as a highly qualified member in the field of decontamination. He has attended several training sessions related to the discipline, which makes him an unequivocally qualified professional.

  • AMRT: Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

  • ICCRC: Water Damage Restoration

  • Drieaz Eduction: Restorative Drying 101

  • ASP Construction: WHMIS

  • ASP Construction: Lead exposure and preventive measures, asbestos prevention

  • Groupe GESFOR: Mold in buildings

  • Association de la construction du Québec

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Profil (EN)

We specialize in fungal decontamination and asbestos removal

Our company operates as a general contractor specialized in the field of decontamination across the greater Montreal area. We are happy to provide custom-made solutions to individuals dealing with contamination issues. Our wide expertise covers the following fields:

  • Asbestos removal;

  • Vermiculite removal;

  • Mold treatment;

  • Fungal treatment (mushrooms);

  • Selective demolition.

It is our pleasure to handle any contaminated area in your house, from the basement to the attic.

In addition to relying on sophisticated and proven decontamination processes, we undertake every actions following strict protocols, and we pay particular attention to the handling of contaminated materials, from the moment of their extraction to their elimination.

What distinguishes us in the field of decontamination

A human approach

Our approach is centered on the well-being of our clients. According to our customers, the fact that we put so much value in serving our clients makes all the difference. As our approach is well structured, nothing is left to chance: we establish effective action plans which will minimize the inconveniences associated with decontamination work.

Respect, rigor and efficiency are the watchwords of the entire team.


We are committed to completing the work within the required time.

Effective processes

Our interventions are performed following meticulous methods, and our team uses modern and highly specialized equipment. Our entire team has at heart an impeccable execution of the work.

A realistic and coherent intervention plan

Our approach is structured, ensuring complete control at every stage of the process.

Guaranteed services

We consider that our work is complete only when our air quality specialist can confirm that a complete removal of contaminants has been performed.

Affordable rates

All of our services are offered at competitive rates.

If you require immediate assistance for asbestos removal (including Zonolite), for decontamination (mold or fungi), or an urgent need to proceed with selective demolition – our team of specialists is ready to help!

Do not delay decontamination procedures any longer. Contact one of our specialists, or fill out an information request.  

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Groupe RPL (EN)

Information coming soon.

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