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Who makes up Fraka’s team of specialists?

Are you concerned about the health and the well-being of others as much as we are? Join our team of specialists at Fraka Décontamination!

We are a dynamic team with renowned expertise in the field of fungal decontamination and asbestos removal. We are happy to provide custom-made solutions to individuals dealing with contamination problems.

Why should you come working with us?

Because being part of our team also means having access to continuing education programs in the workplace.

Decontamination procedures are constantly evolving, forcing our team to continually update their knowledge on the related matter. In order to do so, our staff has the opportunity to improve their expertise in regards to the handling of contaminated materials in enclosed and open spaces.

Who said that decontamination was easy? Certainly not us. Our staff is presented with many opportunities to refine their working methods, because we take decontamination quite seriously!

Being part of our team is also feeling that you bring about positive change on a daily basis.

Decontamination work goes beyond secure protocols. At Fraka, we are passionate about the work we do and our main concern is the improvement of people's quality of life by providing them with impeccable air quality.

If, like us, you care about the health of others, browse through our job offers and apply now.

There are no positions available at the moment? We still want to know you! Send us your resume and we will look out for ways to take advantage of your expertise.

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