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We specialize in fungal decontamination and asbestos removal

Our company operates as a general contractor specialized in the field of decontamination across the greater Montreal area. We are happy to provide custom-made solutions to individuals dealing with contamination issues. Our wide expertise covers the following fields:

  • Asbestos removal;

  • Vermiculite removal;

  • Mold treatment;

  • Fungal treatment (mushrooms);

  • Selective demolition.

It is our pleasure to handle any contaminated area in your house, from the basement to the attic.

In addition to relying on sophisticated and proven decontamination processes, we undertake every actions following strict protocols, and we pay particular attention to the handling of contaminated materials, from the moment of their extraction to their elimination.

What distinguishes us in the field of decontamination

A human approach

Our approach is centered on the well-being of our clients. According to our customers, the fact that we put so much value in serving our clients makes all the difference. As our approach is well structured, nothing is left to chance: we establish effective action plans which will minimize the inconveniences associated with decontamination work.

Respect, rigor and efficiency are the watchwords of the entire team.


We are committed to completing the work within the required time.

Effective processes

Our interventions are performed following meticulous methods, and our team uses modern and highly specialized equipment. Our entire team has at heart an impeccable execution of the work.

A realistic and coherent intervention plan

Our approach is structured, ensuring complete control at every stage of the process.

Guaranteed services

We consider that our work is complete only when our air quality specialist can confirm that a complete removal of contaminants has been performed.

Affordable rates

All of our services are offered at competitive rates.

If you require immediate assistance for asbestos removal (including Zonolite), for decontamination (mold or fungi), or an urgent need to proceed with selective demolition – our team of specialists is ready to help!

Do not delay decontamination procedures any longer. Contact one of our specialists, or fill out an information request.