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A team concerned with your well-being  

Fraka Decontamination is a competent team composed of dynamic individuals. We are passionate about what we do, and our main goal is to support you while you regain your quality of life.  

Having a recognized expertise in decontamination (asbestos removal, vermiculite removal, treatment of fungal contamination (fungi) and mold due to water infiltration), our team provides you with tailor-made solutions, adapted to the reality of your needs.

Continuing education amongst our company

Our team of specialists receive ongoing training related to the handling of asbestos and vermiculite materials in open and closed environments, and related to mold extraction.

Each member of our team is qualified to carry out challenging decontamination work.

As decontamination techniques are constantly evolving, our team is not only continuously innovating, but also always working at broadening their skills and their knowledge on the field’s various methods. Why so? In order to provide you with the best options possible which will quickly restore your quality of life.

Advanced certifications

François Béliveau, founder of Fraka Decontamination, stands out as a highly qualified member in the field of decontamination. He has attended several training sessions related to the discipline, which makes him an unequivocally qualified professional.

  • AMRT: Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

  • ICCRC: Water Damage Restoration

  • Drieaz Eduction: Restorative Drying 101

  • ASP Construction: WHMIS

  • ASP Construction: Lead exposure and preventive measures, asbestos prevention

  • Groupe GESFOR: Mold in buildings

  • Association de la construction du Québec