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Get in touch with our team of certified professionals in order to regain your indoor air quality.

Regardless of the contamination issues afflicted upon you (mold, fungi, asbestos, vermiculite), we will proceed with the decontamination of your personal space following certified protocols.

It is in our best interests to implement custom-made solutions, tailored to your particular case of contamination. Since every case is different, it is with great respect of your well-being that we proceed to the decontamination work.

Our company is specialized in decontamination and regularly sees to the needs of individuals, as well as those of businesses located in the metropolitan area.

We take our work quite seriously! Contact us.

Fraka Décontamination Inc.
1660, Lionel-Bertrand
Boisbriand (Québec) J7H 1N7
Phone: 514 322-5090
Fax: 450 477-1854


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