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Amphibolic Asbestos

Vermiculite insulation may contain amphibolic asbestos!

According to Health Canada, amphibole asbestos fibers are found in certain vermiculite insulation, which are still available on the Canadian market.

When asbestos fibers are embedded or sealed within a product, such as a wall or floor tiles, there are no significant health hazards. However, if released in the air due to the cutting or to the damaging of the contaminated product, or altered due to renovations or maintenance purposes, it might be dangerous for one’s health.

Vermiculite is a natural mineral used in the fabrication of several consumer products, and have been favoured throughout the years for its affordability, and for its insulating and fire-resistant properties.

From the early 1920's to the mid 1980's, Canadian households were insulated with vermiculite mostly extracted from an American mine located in Montana. Materials were sold under the brand name Zonolite Attic Insulation. It was later discovered that the vermiculite extracted from this major source contained amphibolic asbestos.

When inhaled, such fibers expose us to serious lung problems, which can eventually lead to lung cancer.

If the insulation of your building dates back, it may contain amphibolic asbestos. DO NOT attempt to extract vermiculite BY YOURSELF. Health Canada highly recommends that this task be performed by a qualified professional.  

At the risk of repeating ourselves, if you plan to undertake renovations which might involve vermiculite in any way, speak to an expert first. Your well-being is important to us!

Visit the following link in order to stay informed about asbestos-related diseases, and the risk of being exposed.



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Amphibolic Asbestos