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Fraka Décontamination: A team of true professionals

Our dedicaton to the well-being of families is what distinguishes us in our field.  We do not derogate from any remediation procedure: we proceed with extreme care and precaution.

Each and every steps of our decontamination protocols are strictly performed, whether it be for:

  • The pressurization of the work area;

  • The use of protective garment;

  • The containment method, repair, and adequate cleaning and disposal procedures;    

  • Adequate equipment usage and decontamination;

  • The isolation of the air-handling system.

“We are concerned with the well-being of our customers because we know what it means to be faced with fungal contamination and having to bear the consequences. In fact, after having bought a contaminated house, our family suffered serious symptoms associated with being exposed to mold. We know the importance of air quality.”

(François Béliveau, Founder of Fraka Décontamination)