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Asbestos Removal

Does your house contain asbestos materials?

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We are well aware of the dangers caused by the inhaling of asbestos. Inhaled in large quantities, it can cause asbestosis, a lung disease resulting from the inhalation of asbestos particles, which can eventually lead to lung cancer.

When asbestos fibers are embedded or sealed in a product, such as a wall or floor tiles, there is no significant health hazard. However, if released in the air due to the cutting or to the damaging of the contaminated product, it can lead to harming your physical well-being. Health damage will vary depending on the concentration of the fibers in the air, the duration and the frequency of exposure, and also on the size of the inhaled fibers.

Are you planning on to renovate?

Contact us if your house contains insulation materials, exterior siding, floor or ceiling tiles. Prior to the start of your renovation project, we will perform the necessary tests in order to insure you and your family a safe working site.

It is with great care that our team of specialists manages contaminated waste. As soon as the extraction has been performed, hazardous materials are contained in tight and tear-resistant packaging for a safe handling.


Asbestos Removal