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Fungal Decontamination

Efficient and permanent solutions

Prior to performing any decontamination procedures, we must find the source and identify the precise type of mold involved. Most of the time, it is an air quality specialist who is able to assess the situation. Although mold can be visible, there are some cases where it is concealed within walls and under the floors.

As soon as we issue our quote, we proceed with extreme care to the eradication of fungal. We rely on both or on one of the following methods of intervention:

  • If mold is located on the surface only, we will perform a proper cleaning.

  • If mold has developed inside the walls, behind the plasterboard ("Gyproc"), on the insulation, or on the wood structure, we proceed to the complete extraction of the contaminated materials.

We subsequently prepare the space in order to start the reconstruction process.

Fungal Decontamination